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DAPP Main Projects

Academy for Working Children

Since 2001, the Academy for Working Children program is striving to provide education to the children of migrant families, who have either never been to school or are school drop outs, thereby ensuring that the underprivileged children get an opportunity for basic education and thereby, providing them a tool to move out of the poverty trap.

Teacher Training College

The programme focuses on building capacities of teachers so as to enable them to help children in a better and more well informed way.

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Community/Slum Development Meeting

To sensitize the community members on the importance of education, right to education and issues like health, education, hygiene, seasonal diseases, Tuberculosis, etc. slum development meetings are organised at the academies of Greater Delhi, Dhanwapur and Gurgaon wherein the project staff visits different parts of the slum, and communicates with community people about the local issues. They are informed about the importance of identity proof and Government welfare schemes as these opportunities do not reach the intended beneficiaries due to lack of knowledge and necessary documents among the target group. Moreover, the staff encourages the community members to adopt and practice clean habits in daily life to prevent infections. The staff also holds group discussions so as to boost community participation in the events so that they can express their views, share concerns, and clear doubts regarding the issues.

Health Check-up Camps

To provide healthcare services with an intent to meet the immediate health care needs of the marginalized community members, the project organises standalone health camps that offer comprehensive health services, which includes providing curative, preventive, promotive and referral measures. However, students are mainly diagnosed with common problems that include worms, vitamin deficiency, calcium deficiency, fever, cold and cough, tonsillitis, headache, dental, eyes and ears related and diarrhea, etc... Free medicines are given to all these students. Also, health days are also organised along with Health Camps at Greater Delhi and Dhanwapur centers so that health promotion and prevention are given equal importance while curative care is administered through health camps.

Sports and Cultural Events 

Considering the extra-curricular activities as an integral part of a student’s life, the project staff organises monthly sports and cultural activities to ensue holistic development of the children as well as to ascertain that a student apart from being successful in competitive examinations, can also play games and perform on the stage to enjoy the health and vigor of life. Working on the phrase “Sound mind in a sound body”, events are organised that primarily include the games of kho-kho, badminton, skipping, hit the pot, musical chair, tug of war and cards; these events rergularly ensure the participation of nearly all the students of the respective centers in these events.

Acquainting the youth with Computers

Today’s children not only need basic education but also the ability to learn from their surroundings and adapt themselves to the rapidly changing paradigms. With the increasing competition in the job markets as well as enhanced reliability, computer literacy has gained an utmost importance. Working towards the initiative to educate the young children who do not have ample resources and to quench the knowledge thirst of all those who wish to delve into the intricacies of education, the respective AWCs, apart from the Greater Delhi center had provided computer literacy to 271 students. Basic fundamentals in computers were taught that primarily includes introduction of computer, its hardware and software, various commands and shortcuts, painting, note pad, word pad, MS office, window movie maker and the internet.

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