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Green World Recycling Ltd. is a not for profit organisation registered in the UK.

It was established and started its activities during the summer of 1998. It has no shareholders. 

We have warehouses around London, Birmingham and Warrington from where we operate our clothing banks and provide recycling facilities for tens of thousands of people for free. All of our profit goes to support environmental, development and educational projects throughout African nations and India.


We collect used clothes and shoes from clothing banks that are hosted by supermarkets, post offices, news agents, pubs, schools and other recycle minded individuals or organisations. 

You can find our Clothing Banks in and around West Midlands, from Crewe to Leamington, Bristol area, South Wales,  London, Kent, Essex and Sussex. All clothing banks are emptied by our own team of drivers. Some of the very busy containers are emptied twice per week. Some of the smaller sites at least every other week.

Our workshop carefully handles regular refurbishment and maintenance of banks. 

GWR cooperates with Development Aid from People to People UK so that the profits from donated goods sales help projects in Africa and India.

You can find out more about what your donations support at:DAPP Supported Projects

GWR is a collector and exporter of used clothes and shoes in aid of environmental projects. 

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